Pasting the Walls: A Celebration of 21st Century Wallpaper

sefridges 2013squareYou can see my crystal blue wallpaper in the ‘Pasting the walls’ exhibition at Select Festival. The exhibition celebrates the recent wallpaper revival in our homes and is curated by Charlotte Abrahams.  Along with my work there is also work by Louise Body, Eley Kishimoto and Custhom.  The exhibition is on display from 29th April until 31st May 2015.


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Windows of Kennington Installation, London












I was asked to design an installation which helped to signify that the Durning Library is open as part of the Building Exploratory’s public consultation programme for the library.

The design drew upon the characters that populate the outside of the building and combined these with themes of growth and horticulture both of which are so important to this area of London. The design celebrated the library’s activities and the rich historic content with references to Doulton pottery and other local historical icons.

New technologies combined with older depictions of more classical forms of art, such as a musician playing a lute through an amplifier and the Durning Library dragon sat at a computer, are illustrated in the windows. This project was launched with the presentation of Dow Jones Architect’s latest design iterations for the renovation of Durning Library.

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