About Linda

Linda Florence produces bespoke hand printed wallpaper and installation artwork for public, commercial and private interiors.  Florence’s printing techniques incorporate a mixture of traditional and new technologies including silk screen-printing and laser cutting.

Florence draws inspiration from the materials, craft practice and historic and social context of the project site and builds a narrative for each project. Stories can play an important part in creating a sense of place, both as a design tool and a way to engage with everyone surrounding a project including clients, consultants and users.

She develops projects with a clear focus on the end user who will be living or working at the site. Along with permanent work a number of her installations disappear or perish in the course of the exhibition period as part of the work.

Creative Collaboration

Florence enjoys working closely with everyone involved in and affected by the design process, including clients, users, funders, neighbours, contractors, consultants and collaborators.  Through collaboration she has excellent relationships with a number of design professionals including fabricators, public engagement and strategy consultants, project managers and health and safety experts. This expertise means she is able to carefully manages budgets and ensure that projects run smoothly and successfully.

Community Engagement and Workshops

Florence has a wide experience community engagement projects and has had the pleasure of meeting, engaging and working closely with a wide range of different people and groups such as local residents, school children, adults in hospital and accessing mental health services as well as the general public. Through these projects she has developed a variety of communication and presentation techniques and given public presentations, as well taking part in community consultations.

Florence has a particular flair for devising workshops for children and families using different drawing and print making techniques suitable for a diverse range of places from classrooms to car parks and Victorian kitchens to Medieval castles!

Clients include the Victoria and Albert Museum, The Jerwood Space, Swarovski, The National Trust, Ted Baker, Sheffield Millennium Gallery, NHS Hospitals and Random House Books.

Florence has won multiple design awards including a British Design Award and is currently visiting professor Weißensee Kunsthochschule, Berlin and is senior lecturer at Central Saint Martins, London.



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